Clocks & Planetary Machines

Royal Miniature Table Clock 
- delivered with your personal monogram
Manufactured in only 100 numbered specimen,
of which number 001 is owned by
Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark.
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Roemer's Jovilabe 
- The Discovery of the Velocity of Light 
The original machine was destroyed during the fire of Copenhagen in 1728. This reconstruction is based on an original copperplate by Ole RÝmer. With this instrument he was able to illustrate his discovery of the finite velocity of light. 

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King Louis XIV's Planetarium & Eclipsarion 
- made in authentic materials as exact replicas 

Completed in 1680 these machines were specially made for King Louis XIV. In 1682 copies were given to the Shah of Persia, the King of Siam and the Emperor of China. All these examples have vanished. 
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Machina Planetarum Roemeri   
- a reconstruction of an almost 300 years old orrery
This planetarium is hanging from the ceiling. Its background is a constellation map. It has additional wheels for indicating the year, the month and the day and can be operated by turning a crank-handle.

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